The Permission Givers | Female Empowerment Podcast

#12 - No More Sensible Sally, Transformative Talks w/ Life Coach Gab Robinson

February 25, 2022 Janelle & Aleesha
The Permission Givers | Female Empowerment Podcast
#12 - No More Sensible Sally, Transformative Talks w/ Life Coach Gab Robinson
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Finding the balance between stability, routine, and creative adventure in our lives with Blossom Coaching's Gab Robinson.

We list ways to help women feel safe as they bust through the barriers of changing their lives and give advice on where to start.

Gab gives permission from women to throw their boring lives in the bin and recreate them as exciting and powerful.

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Janelle (00:01):

Hello, and welcome to the permission givers podcast with Janelle and Alicia. Alicia is a soul coach who helps women come back to self to discover who they truly are and what they're here to do. Janelle that's me is a spiritual mentor and psychic medium who focuses on empowerment, spiritual growth, and finding your divine purpose. We are are a women's empowerment podcast here to give your permission to choose yourself so you can unlock and live the life of your dreams. Let's go Today. We welcome GA Robinson to the show. Gab is an NLP and hypnosis master who lives to empower women to move from their sensible Sally lives to a goddess worthy life of passion, fun and infinite possibilities. Welcome Gabe. Thanks for joining us. Welcome

Gab (00:47):

Gabe. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited.

Janelle (00:51):

Thanks for joining us. Thanks for taking time outta your busy day. Hopefully we know you have a rooster in the background who has been making noise all day. Hopefully he is quiet, but I don't know if you can hear, I've got a Crow standing on top of my little Zen.

Gab (01:03):

I can hear your cry. Raven asks my spirit animal.

Janelle (01:08):

Oh, there you go.

Gab (01:09):

Come popped into the hello.

Janelle (01:10):

Yes. Yes. I love that. They're also mine, but I've got one up in my spirit guide drawing around there. Yeah. we're just gonna jump straight into it. So do you wanna tell us a little bit about what you do and what, what led you there? Why it's important?

Gab (01:23):

Yeah, so I work with women doing coaching hypnosis. I use another modality called NLP, which you mentioned which is another tool that works with the subconscious unconscious mind, just helping women, I guess, break free. Mm. You know, we've been conditioned into these lives of, for me, boring comes to mind you know, just being told to be normal and have these ideas of what we should be, what we should be doing, what we have to do and just letting go of that and having fun and loving the, not just their lives, but the person, the, that they are and the person that they're showing up as in their days. And that's what magnetizes these amazing lives is just by showing up as that, that person that they, they truly are.

Janelle (02:14):

I love that. It's so it's such a, like, it sounds so simplistic, but it's so hard and off air. Let's be really like honest before we start. We're all in the midst of some weird mental breakdown. Right. All three of us. But as I said, like, everyone that I know is kind of going, what is going on in my life right now? What am I doing? Where am I at? Why can't I just be normal? Because that boring life that you were talking about before is normally something I hate ride. But right now I'm like, give me some stability, but I hate stability and I'll throw it in the bin, but I feel so unstable. So it's so hard to hold onto. I feel, especially when things get a little bit crazy, it's so hard to hold onto who am I? And that's enough. And I'm here to pave my own way. Cuz when things get shaky, we're like, oh, I got it wrong. I really should just get back on that highway that everyone else is on. So thank you for coming to give us permission to not do that, but also to allow ourself, I feel to doubt ourself at sometimes just because we doubt our choices doesn't mean that they're wrong.

Gab (03:15):

Yeah, absolutely. And what you were saying about about that kind of stability and consistency, I think over the past few years we've had so much inconsistency and everything going a bit mental and you know, which is something that we do need, it's one of our core needs, but so is stability. And if we don't have that balance, that's why we're all going mental. Yeah. Yes. We need to have some sort of balance and whether the stability comes from, you know, a job or a relationship or having a house or whether it's just, you know, having that coffee every single morning at the same time, every single day fulfilling that need of stability every single day is super important so that we can go out and do these amazing things and have these amazing lives of running our own businesses and going on adventures and being awesome. Fricking women.

Janelle (04:06):

Yeah. I feel like it's just, as you were saying that it just clicked into place then that it's the masculine boundaries, isn't it? You know, so I like to describe the divine feminine, divine masculine as the divine masculine is the coloring book. It's the outline, it's the drawing and it's pretty boring on its own and it, the feminine chaos and the beauty that comes and fills that. So the feminine is our flowy energy within us. The masculine is our structure within us, within ourselves and we need that structure to feel safe. And I've got none, not one IO for a structure in my life right now. Right. and that's probably one that I need to add. So thank you for giving me that aha moment already. Mm.

Gab (04:42):

Get yourself a color book. Yeah,

Janelle (04:45):

Exactly. Start drawing pictures. Yeah.

Leesh  (04:48):

Be nice. If it's as simple as that. And I just touching on that, I'm not sure if I shared this in a recent podcast was around this visual that I had of my inner a, in a egg, my inner yoke in my inner a white that's flowy, like a roar egg. And then it was sensitive. So it had a really soft she around the outside and then through a bit more conversation, I went out and then I VI visualized it again. And I saw the yoke and the egg white floating without any shell. It was a shell, but it was information. So it was controlled with freedom to flow as it wanted. And I'm like, that is to me, the harmony of my inner masculine, feminine that's. And then I'm like, okay, if I can see it, I can have it. I am it it's already there. And you know, that, that's the thing I'm, I'm holding true and strong to that, that even if I don't feel like I'm there now that I know I am capable of it, I'm capable of still having this freedom of flowy, feminine energy that will move within the, within the structured egg formation as it pleases. And it's safe. It's really safe. 

Gab (06:02):


Speaker 4 (06:02):

Like my egg is scrambled at the moment

Leesh  (06:08):

I feel. And that that's the safety I think is, is that it's okay to be scrambled. And then I think when we come back to being able to control our feminine energy, within that, it gets to move the yo gets to move to the bottom when you want, it gets to move to the top. It gets to intermingle with all the white, if you want. But you, you are in control of that when you are in a masculine is on fire and he's doing what he needs to do. Yeah. That, that's where I goals are for me right now.

Leesh  (06:39):

Yeah. But coming back to the conversation of safety this is where I feel like our conversation opened this morning around, there's a level of lack of safety potentially in the outer world. That's reflecting in our inner worlds of vice versa, whichever way it starts and flows. But just the talking about our breakdowns, our meltdown, or not feeling like we are coping. Have you got any advice around how to start creating some more safety, like in the safety that's gonna hopefully flow on to the rest of our lives to other people around us?

Gab (07:16):

Yeah, absolutely. I think, yeah. I think something that I work with my clients on quite often is just like micro goals and starting off really small. And because often as women we've some way or another destroyed the trust within ourselves. And I think not having like, you know, things like going on a diet and not keeping up with it, going to the gym, doing this, doing that. And even things like relationships failing that can slowly eat away the trust within ourselves. And that's not something that you can just get back straight away, like in a relationship it's, it's something that needs to be built and it needs to be built slowly and intentional and working towards something. And so with the safety and kind of security being one of our core needs, something that we need to have every single day, otherwise, you know, everything just goes to, having just one small thing that you do for yourself every single day.

Gab (08:18):

And knowing that of that consistency is gonna be there, just making it something that you can do on your to stay. So not having these big goals that, you know, I'm gonna go to the gym three days a week, I'm gonna eat healthy 90% of the time. These are big goals and things that you need to work up to like throwing yourself in the deep end into these things is just gonna break your trust even more. And so having something tiny, even if it's, like I said before, just having a cup of coffee in the morning every day and that being your, this is my three minutes of the day where I'm safe and I have this consistently every day, even if it's, you know, my life is absolutely chaos. You guys know. So

Janelle (09:06):

You've got 85,000 kids. It's your own fault, but yeah,

Gab (09:10):

I, but even like having that morning ritual for me is terrifying and just feels impossible. And so thinking about it, what can I do even on my hardest day? So when I'm running late, I've got four kids to try and get in the car before I have a client or something I'm gonna get to school and daycare and all those things get them fed. And how can I have my moment of safety and security? And even if that is just in the car, taking my cover in the car, even if it's just brushing my teeth, these things that we already do even, but bringing your awareness to them and remembering that this is something that I do every day and I can do things every day and I can trust myself to do these things. And it's really just about being aware and just taking it slow.

Janelle (10:04):

I love what you've said about that. We women especially have destroyed the trust that we have in ourself. And we've done that by not because we're not trustworthy, but because we set ourselves up to fail, right? We're like I, for the rest of my life and I'm gonna win the same for the rest of my life. And I'm gonna go to the gym every day for the rest of my life. And then we fail and we're like, you're a piece of. You can't even keep your promises. Right. Cause we're setting our stuff up to fail. I've never thought about that before, because I'm always go big, go big or go home, or don't even try Janelle, just get it done. And of course you can't sustain that energy forever. And I I've, I've noticed as well. You shared it recently on your socials that you have a hot breakfast every day. And I love that. And you know, some days it might be a hash brown from Maus cuz you didn't have time, but it's still that safety of like I'm giving my belly something warm and nourishing and safe every morning. And I was like, wow, that's something simple but special. And I love that. Even if

Gab (11:01):

It's at two o'clock in the afternoon,

Janelle (11:04):

You know, so preferably before 9:00 AM, but yes,

Gab (11:07):

It's just that thing. Yeah. That constant that I can rely on. And that's something that I know that I'm gonna do.

Janelle (11:12):

I feel that that's game changing advice already, cuz it's something that I've done a lot of work on myself, but I'd never thought about myself in the way that I'd broken trust within myself. And I would never break trust within another person. Like I pride myself on being so trustworthy and so reliable and I break trust with myself all the time. So that's huge for me. So thank you.

Leesh  (11:34):

And often it can just be energetically or in a thought process of, for, I can trust with yourself. Like it's what you are literally telling yourself. You may be even verbalizing it sometimes. Like I'm not good enough. I'm not worthy. I can't do this. And that could be the thing that's literally getting in the way of you respecting yourself of you cherishing yourself of you loving yourself of you really believing the truth of it, that you are worthy, that you are, you, you it's your own thought patterns and your own languaging that are going on inside your head. The other thing that just come up for me was talking into this security of this struck and of, of maybe whether it be having a hot meal each day or creating some regular pattern of a ritual that led me to, to think about grounding and the secure security of a grounding process. Cuz when you were speaking into that, my mind went to like I was visual visual.

Leesh  (12:36):

I was visualizing your body like tuning and screwing into a ground. Like by having this process, that was like a consistent that was giving you like this really strong stability. And when, when we are talking about safety, I feel like that's really important to know this is one other steps to finding some sort of security where you stop feeling overwhelmed and you start feeling like you are being controlled and you have no control over your own life. That's that level of okay now how do I reconnect in to find some safety and find some grounding and find some stability? And so I love that the consist, see that you shared around just finding like, just find one thing, one thing that you can achieve every day and start building that trust with yourself.

Gab (13:23):

Yeah. Start there

Janelle (13:24):

Something that I explain to my clients about grounding. So often when we're like having a mentee be, or we're not feeling great, we're like meditate, you know, breath, work, do all that stuff and that's all the crown, right? So it's connecting us up here. And so what I say to people is that when we're doing all the work here on the crown cha and the third eye, we're literally just hanging by a thread and we're swinging in the wind. So it's like if you picture a beautiful tree, the roots, the roots have to grow deep for that tree to reach up high. And for me, what I was visualizing is just that, that little bit of water every day on the tree to make the roots go deeper, you know, and every now and then a big hun of fertilizer, so a beautiful day out or a beautiful day of re fight or whatever it is to help those roots go stronger as well. And that makes so much sense to everything. And it's hilarious because we all know this and we are all not doing it at the moment. So it's the constant reminders too.

Leesh  (14:16):

Yeah. And I mean, that, that was another thing that came up when we tried to take three breaths at the start of the session was the resistance and how we are buying into the resistance and that the resistance is not only externally, but it's also internally. Yeah. and so I feel like I'm trying to come up with the question around resistance, like yeah. What, what advice might you share with ERs how to navigate resistance or even be aware how to be more aware of your own resistance? Mm

Gab (14:43):

Good one. I think you just have to it starts with feeling mm. Which I know sounds really vague and like a bit yeah, vague. But we get so good at putting up these walls and these shells and being told that there's good and bad emotions. And I think just accepting, I think accepting is a word that I'm working on for myself a lot at the moment. But just accepting what's coming through you and realizing that it's all part of it and that it's all okay. And like feeling into that resistance, it's, there's something there. And if you're getting that resistance, it's probably because you're not allowing yourself to feel something and you're not allowing yourself to go there. Whereas I hate saying this, but you just have to, that's really the, the only way to get past it is to go through it.

Gab (15:44):

And we're so conditioned to think that, you know, you push it down, you get over it, you know, keep going on with your day, do these things. But when you've got that resistance there, you need to go in, you need to feel it inside yourself and whether that's meditating or grounding or even just when you're in the shower, just find it in your body. Like it's gonna be a physical. If you're getting resistance, it be a physical reaction. Like I work so much with the subconscious mind and that is our whole body. Like the subconscious mind lives through our whole body. And it shows you physical reactions to what's going on in your heart and in your mind and wherever it is when you can find that and feel into it and realize sometimes you might even not be able to express what the emotion is or where it's coming from or what you're feeling.

Gab (16:43):

But if you just allow yourself to find it and feel it and be okay with it and just feel that acceptance and surrender to the fact that you've got about emotions and you've got things that are gonna come up and that's okay, you're allowed to feel angry. You're allowed to feel guilt or shame or sadness or joy. You know, it's so common with people that I work with that they just haven't even allowed themselves to feel these amazingly good emotions because they feel like they can't express that. And I even had an experience with myself where I was building my business and my life seemed to be getting great. And I wasn't allowing myself to feel pride. And I had this moment in the shower where I was like, I just feel like I was being choked. Like it just sitting here in my throat chakra. And I, I knew there was something there and I just went into it and let it out and just cried and cried. And it was not even tears of sadness. It was cried. And just allowing that to actually come up through me and yeah, because it's just, sometimes we feel like we're bragging or we feel like we're being too much and it's OK.

Janelle (17:58):

Never too much. I love that. I that's really powerful. And I highly relate with the, not allowing yourself to play, not allowing yourself to step enjoy it because it's a, you've got to do. You've got to achieve. You can relax later. You can play later, but you've got to do. And that's been a big transformation for me is to play, to just allow myself to play in the chaos and in the mess. Yeah.

Gab (18:26):

Cause you can't do the you need to do if you, I, I haven't done these things to play and have joy and be in the right space to be able to get done because otherwise you just resent it and it feels heavy.

Leesh  (18:40):

Yeah. That's the thing I was gonna say. I think that there are people out there that are go-geters and doers and productive and proactive. But if they're being driven by that in a critic, that's actually saying, get your, get your done. Like, and just, just do it. Then, then here goes the bitterness and the resentment later on. And it doesn't. So, and, and I don't feel like that energy is conducive to consistency. Like eventually you literally just burn out and you just go, there's no love in it. There's no love in it. I listen to this song on my way, home from your house today, Janelle and I just started bawling. It's an old song. I was on one of those old radio stations and it was called, you know, that song love changes.

Janelle (19:23):


Leesh  (19:24):

I don't really wanna sing, but it

Janelle (19:26):

Sing it. What's the resistance that you are feeling right now.

Leesh  (19:31):

Judgment For myself, love changes, changes

Janelle (19:37):

Everything. Yeah. It's like nineties or something. Yeah.

Leesh  (19:41):

And the words just hit me like, this is the problem. We are driving ourselves in fear instead of in love. And if we just add some love to it, it might feel so hard and it might feel so heavy and it might feel so tiring. So in sharing that we did speak around touching on our inner child today. And I feel like the inner critic itself can often be an inner child replaying the voice of some adult or some bully or some. Absolutely. So just around that, I feel like what's coming up in my connections right now with everybody that is telling me that they're not coping so well, is there's an element of they're in a child. That's feeling either unseen feeling burnt out or tired and just over feeling over the responsibility, really just wanting to put everything down. So in sharing that, have you got any advice for our listeners around how, how they might start doing that, how they might start putting down the, the burden and the pressure and the responsibilities and having some compassion for their, for their own

Gab (20:50):

C child? Yeah. In a childhood is something I love and it's something that's it's helped my life significantly. You know, I didn't have much of a childhood. I had it quite a traumatic childhood and then went from that into being a second parent to my younger siblings and then being a mom at 19. So I didn't, I really didn't have the opportunity to be a child. So I'm getting to the point, or I have been in the last couple of years where the responsibility has gotten so heavy on that in a child that it's just throwing tantrums and it's like, I'm ready to be a kid now. Let's just throw everything away and run away and go on adventures. And I think what I've learned is that I have had to do a lot of reparenting and when I became a parent, it was, it was quite triggering for me to, I guess, realize how my feelings towards my kids, how I could have, how my child or me as a child could have been put through that by the adults in my life.

Gab (22:02):

And I don't hold any animosity or anything, but it was just really confronting to have those feelings of how could an adult in the position knowing me as a mom, how would an adult do that? Like, and, and behave like that and put someone through that. And so going back and really giving the love to myself and my inner know child that I needed at that time and realizing what was it that I was sucking? What was it that I was missing out on, or that would've helped me in those moments and giving it to myself now, like my inner child is still there. So realizing that what I needed was affection and quality time, you know, going back to love languages, feeling like what was it? The I was actually missing out on and giving it to me right now. And we can all do that. Like go back and look at, you might not have had a traumatic childhood. Like you might have had a great childhood, but there's things there that your inner child needed and still needs now.

Janelle (23:04):

Yeah. It comes up in every one of my readings in child stuff. So, and I might, I still thought that if you had a good childhood, if you had good parents, you won't have any. Well, you have so much, so much, you know? You might even have more because you've never thought that you had to deal with it. So every reading that I do will generally come down to an aha moment of your inner C child saying this, you know, and it's soap. And it's sometimes, you know, big traumatic events or sometimes it's a, like, I've had one, man. I tell the story a bit. He was 37. When he came to me, he couldn't stop working. He's like, I can't enjoy my daughter. I can't stop working. I feel like I need to keep providing. And we tapped in and I saw him at seven and his dad wasn't coming to his baseball games.

Janelle (23:48):

And his dad was like, I'm sorry, mate, I've gotta work. So him as a child, poor dad, dad was working three jobs. He was busting his literally to keep a ha a house over these kids' heads. So his dad was doing everything in his power, ultimate sacrifice. Right. But him as a kid was like, okay, work is more important than me. That is how, and the other belief around that was that is how you parent correctly. That is what you do as a father is you put work and providing for your family in front of your own needs. And once we hit that moment, he became so emotional. And he was like, holy. It makes so much sense. I can tell myself differently now. And as you say, we can reparent that in a child. But so it's not always big, bad abuse or trauma. It can be like one thing. And as a parent, that scares the out of me because I'm obviously like ruining my kids on a daily basis, unintentionally, we're just

Gab (24:41):


Janelle (24:41):

Do it, things that I say, you know? And even when you were talking about joy before, and we were talking about, get your responsibilities outta there before you go and do something, how often do we say to our kids? You're not having that until you go and clean your room because we're like just clean your room, like seriously. But like, we're essentially saying, you've gotta like do this before you go and do this, which works both ways. It's teaching them discipline. It's teaching them to go out and do things, but it's also adding to that. You don't get to have of fun until you've done the things that you need to do type mentality too. So we're all them up lucky there's in a child healing, you know, To teach them how to fix it.

Gab (25:17):


Janelle (25:19):

Exactly. And it's yeah, I guess what would, what are some tips that you would have for our listeners on how to start working with it inner or how to recognize being inner child

Gab (25:28):

Wounds? Yeah, probably patterns. I work a lot with patterns and that's how I kind of pick up on what needs the work. So you can do that with yourself. Just look at how you are behaving, look at what you are prioritizing. And value is a big one too. Like we often say, oh, my values are, you know, family and consistency and all these big, beautiful words. But really when we actually look at it, what are we actually valuing? Because most of the time when I work with people on values, what they're saying their values are and what they're actually valuing in their life is completely different. So when you can recognize that when you can see a good one to look at is what you're spending your money on. Yep. Is a good one to see what you're valuing, what you're spending your money and time on, and that's your actual values and you can change them. Like that's, that's what this is all about. You know, recognizing, okay, this is where I'm at. And this is how this is. I don't like to use why because it's a bit of a judgment word, but this is how this has come about. And this is how I'm going to change it. So starting with looking at your values, what do you value in, in your day to day life? Is that what you want to be valuing and is that what you need to create the life that you wanna get to?

Leesh  (26:51):

Mm. I have a example when I dove into values maybe three years ago when I started my coaching course, it was something that we started off with, like getting clear on our top five values. And so I was starting to rank like I, okay, these were my top five and I know family was up there. And then they asked us to give a percentage of how much we feel like we are honoring that value. So if family was of value and how much time you're spending on it, how much effort are you putting into it? And when I like, literally sat with that, I'm like, that's my highest value for sure. My family is, and I'm like, but I've got, I spend more time at work. I spend more time studying. I spend more time trying to get me time. I, and I'm like, so where is the actual percent that I'm actually investing into that value that I'm saying is my value.

Leesh  (27:42):

So I share that in the awareness that if, if you are, you can think that you are holding something as a value, but until you actually sit down with it and go, how much time, how much energy, how much effort am I investing in? That thing that I say is my value. And as I said, I think the family is a, is a really easy one for others to resonate with. Majority of us will hold our family up there really highly as a value, but when we really chunk it down and have a look at, okay, so yeah, how much effort and time are you putting into that? And so what it did for me, what I learned from that was like, I really need to carve out time specifically for my children. I really need to carve out. Yeah, even one on one time group time, I needed to create more rituals and experiences that involve them so that I could tell my look, it's, it's actually a, an innate personal thing too.

Leesh  (28:40):

So the more I started doing that, the more it charged me up, I, the more I, I felt like the more integrity I had about who I was, cuz now I'm living my values. Yeah. Now I'm living my values. So this is, I mean, that's just one, like just, I feel like that's a huge tip. Have a look at your values and then ask yourself, honestly, on a percentage scale of zero to a hundred, am I, how, how am I with those values? Yeah. And if you are like looking, I, I looked at it, I was probably at about a 30% in my family and I'm like, how is that possible? I need to put some work into that. So yeah. I, that's beautiful touching on our, our values and how we can use analyzing them to yeah. To improve really our quality of life.

Janelle (29:29):

I love that. That's powerful. I feel that that's, they're really good tips about the values. I think that's awesome. Like I think that's really good food for thought to go, what do I value? Like even for myself, I'm like, yeah, what do I value? And what am I putting before that? Yeah. And often by putting before that, what we've been trained to put before that, or what we think is important. So for me, I've been stressing, I spoke about this in our last episodes, stressing about money and providing enough for my family. But there's enough, there's enough for them. You know, they want more of me. I'm not sure how to give that to the, at

Gab (30:02):

The moment.

Janelle (30:05):

Yeah. It's really, it's really good food for thought. I feel like this has happened now last year, episodes have been a little bit speechless cuz we're like, oh, thank you for raising that with me. Thank you for giving me brain food to think about right now. It's really powerful.

Gab (30:18):

Yeah. You're gonna do some work.

Janelle (30:19):

Do you wanna just quickly talk about what you're releasing at the moment? So I know that you've got something new coming out called the village and it sounds amazing. Do you wanna speak into what you're doing there and I guess the premise behind it?

Gab (30:29):

Yes, absolutely. So Sunday the 27th of February, I have the first village gathering. So that is an in-person event for mom's and Nick kids to come along to it's a little bit, women's circle a little bit play date, I guess, but just a lot of fun. It's I think there's so much out there for women at the moment and I know you guys run beautiful circles that I love attending, but I think just having something where you can come to and just bring your kids all and have fun with them, you know, if we have that family time and be able to not just be a, I guess, role model for them in the work that you're doing within yourself and creating a community around them, but getting them involved and making it fun and accessible and things that the kids can get involved in too. Like this first one we're doing is gonna be on connection.

Gab (31:31):

So we're gonna be doing some face painting, which is a great way to have that. Great. I guess eye ging kind of concept, but in a way that's digestible for kids. Yeah. And it's just may makes it a bit more fun and it's also a good way to have that connection and show love and yeah. Doing things like a, a kid-friendly meditation that everyone can get involved in. I know I struggle with meditation as it is hard to believe things, I record them, but actually sitting and going through it. So doing something that's yeah. Just really easy to follow and fun and not, not scary. Yeah. So yeah, it's just gonna be an environment where people can be on whatever level they're at come along, not feel embarrassed to bring their kids in public. You know, I've got four kids. So taking them all out is scary and

Janelle (32:28):

Anxiety expensive. Yeah.

Gab (32:29):

And expensive. And just having somewhere where they can, you know, come along and have fun. And it doesn't matter if they're in the circle or they're running off or they're

Janelle (32:39):

Painting their own faces or eating the food before it's supposed to be eaten. You know, that's all awesome and great. And part of it. And then from there it'll be running monthly and in between, there'll be some online parts to it as a yeah. Membership style experience. I love it. And it's so needed. Sounds amazing. It's so needed. I, and you know, it just sounds so inclusive. It just sounds so inclusive, which is so powerful because you know, I have a little boy with some additional needs and it's really hard to him anywhere. And you know, even the, both of them together, my daughter and my son just fight man. Like, oh my God. So it's like, ah, yeah, like my women circles away from the children, but this feels like something beautiful that they could be part of as well. And as we know, our kids react to the circumstances that they're in.

Janelle (33:25):

So if they know that they can't behave in a certain way and they're being judged mind, ramp it up. Me as a child, I would've behaved myself mind, ramp it up to the point that we leave. So it's such a beautiful inclusive place, if know. So the whole family, I love that because we are raising the next generation of kids who are hopefully here for their healing and open to connection and, you know, ready to work together. And I feel like this is just the start. So that's awesome. How can our listeners find you? Yes. So on Instagram blossom, coaching AU or my website is awesome. Coaching.Com AU. Yeah. They're easy. I'm always up for a chat. Awesome. I love it. When people contact me and wanna talk about things, coaching HNO NLP have any questions. Yeah. I'd love to answer them, but perfect.

Janelle (34:17):

Yeah. I'd love to see so many faces. Coming on Sunday, I'm so excited. We will pop all the details in the bottom of the episode as well for them to come and find you. Perfect. And thank you for joining us. It's been beautiful. Thank you so much for having me. We'll talk to you soon. Thank you for sharing with us today. Bye. Thank you so much for listening in. It would mean the world to us. If you could give us a follow and even share an episode on your social media to help empower a friend of yours, feel free to check out some of our other motivational episodes. And until next time we are giving you permission to live your best life. Bye.